Pat, like many of our group of volunteers, is a long time member.  When we had our shop in Blackheath, she would be there several times a week, sorting and serving.  She is always prepared to do a 2hour stint on collection days, holding a box ready for your money and giving help and advice if asked.  Although Pat is willing to help where ever needed, her main role in the group has for many years, been the issuing and recording the neutering vouchers.  She has been the lady to speak to about getting your cat neutered or spayed and making sure you received the correct number or sort of voucher to help with the cost.  It is a job that has taken up a great deal of her time.  If you consider that our group gets approximately 1000 cats neutered each year, its easy to see that its a mammonth task and we are very grateful for her expertise.

Many people in the area with cats (or even without), will either know, or at least have spoken to Jeanette.  To say she is versatile is an understatement.  She has taken over from our late colleague, Linda, dealing with all the feral cats (and there are many), trapping, arranging neutering and releasing.  She is tireless in her aim to rehome as many feral cats and kittens as possible and stop them from dying of starvation or disease.  You will also find Jeanette at every fund raising event and collection day, willing to make a fool of herself (in cat costume or mask), to get money towards the care of our local cat community.  She also collects unwanted scrap metal which gets taken to the scrap yard and the resulting cash is added to the groups coffers.  In all, Jeanette is totally dedicated to the care and wellbeing of cats and our group is extremely lucky to have her on our side.

If you think you could help us, we are always in need of volunteers, even if it is only for a couple of hours with a collection box, now and then.
Or maybe you are a driver and could take or collect cats from the vets?
If you have a spare room free that could hold a cat pen, could you maybe foster a cat or kittens?  We supply all that is needed but you do have to be dedicated to do it.
Unfortunately, volunteering for a cat charity is not just a way of cuddling cats.  It can be hard work and sometimes discouraging.  Sometimes (especially collections days) its possible that some people will make nasty comments - "I HATE CATS" - being a very mild example.  But when we have a success story, a lost cat, found, or a long term fostered cat found a new loving home, it make all the work and hassle worth while.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering with the Halesowen group please contact:  Dave (Welfare) on 07913 301788 or Jackie (Helpline) on 07815 910603 or even email:  media@halesowen.cats.org.uk